Kingdom Crusade

Game Boy

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 8.5

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8.5


Have you ever met a game that came up to you out of crowd and said "I'm going to be a unique game and offer something totally different with gameplay?" This game said that to me and backed it up. Kingdom Crusade has got to be one of the most enjoyable classic Game Boy games I've played in a long time. The closest game I can think of that resembles this game is Solaris for the Atari 2600, except this is set in Medieval times and has knights and wizards.

kingdomcrusade.png (2013 bytes)It offers a lot of strategy combined with enough action to offer the perfect blend. You start out on the map screen which is divided up into quadrants (like Solaris) and your members are spread out on one side with the enemies on the other. Select a character and hit the A button to enter the playing field, the object of the game is to either kill off all of you foes or take over all of their castles. This is accomplished by just walking through the area where it is located.

You enter the playing field, walk around, collect items, and cross areas until you find an enemy. You control and play like a character from the Gauntlet series by shooting a projectile which changes depending on which character you are. You can only shoot one projectile at a time and a beep sounds when you can shoot another. The object is to jump around fences, rocks, trees and other surroundings to fire at your opponent and defeat it.

Each character has their own attributes. A big enemy moves slower, but does more damage and has more life. A smaller enemy moves faster but has less life. Defeat your opponent and you wander around until you find another enemy. Get killed and the enemy returns with full health. You have several members to complete your task but your opponents can be sneaky by taking over your castles rather quickly sometimes. You'll need to have some good strategy.

Graphics are quite detailed. Backgrounds look great as well as the characters which are all different and have a lot of animation. Music is also very pleasant with good soft medieval tune in the backgrounds. Sound effects fit well too. Gameplay has many difficulty options including boosting the AI and creating bigger maps or the number of enemies. This is a game that will take a little while to figure out but has more depth that most games of the time for the Game Boy. This game can be had for dirt cheap and isn't very rare. I'd recommend this game wholeheartedly.


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