Kid Icarus

Game Boy

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 4

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 4


kidicaru1gb.jpg (70348 bytes)I think most have played Kid Icarus for the NES at least once and some consider it a classic while some don't. Once again players take the roll of Pit on the Game Boy, an angel trying to get his wings. I don't know how this ties into the story of the original but I know that the NES version is ten times better.

It plays just like the NES classic but is just boring. By the time I was done I almost literally had a headache. The only upgrade that this game received was a save feature instead of a password. The game is two screens wide instead of one like the NES.

This game plays just like a Metroid game but broken down into individual stages. Some are vertical and some horizontal, along the way Pit can pick up items and weapons. A hammer is an alternative weapon that can find secret openings in some walls. You can buy upgraded arrows, health potions, and keys for locked doors. If you can find a harp in a stage it turns all the enemies into hammers that can be collected for your inventory.

The graphics are just plain dull even on the Game Boy. Pit looks decent but the rest is lacking in every way. Stages and enemies all look the same and get really repetitive. Music is okay but is kind of high pitched and gets annoying too. Sound effects are weak. The jumping sound is the only tolerable one. The rest sound like they're out of a Barney episode.

None of this adds anything to the gameplay which is boring on its own. It's always climb up three stages, go to a castle, fight a boss, and repeat. The NES version was not great but was at least enjoyable. They just stripped this game down like the Atari 7800 version of Scrapyard Dog compared to the Lynx version.

All in all leave this game alone. It is a big disappointment and is only good for collecting. It is dirt common which makes it even less appealing to track down. The only strong point is it has a save feature now instead of having to copy down that like 40 character password in the NES original was a chore.


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