Karnov's Revenge

Neo Geo

Review by Matt Paprocki

Data East


Graphics: 6

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 6

Anyone who lived through the early/middle 90's will undoubtedly remember one of the most classic lawsuits in video game history. Capcom sued the makers of Fighters History, Data East, claiming their game was a blatant rip-off of their top-tier series Street Fighter II. The courts found in favor in Data East and the all the commotion prompted Data East to produce a sequel called Fighters History Dynamite, known as Karnov's Revenge here in the states.

Karnov's Revenge is a bit more than just a minor update. The characters remain generally the same, only a few moves have being shifted around. The playable roster has been beefed up from 9 to 13. The two boss characters from the previous game are part of that upgrade, Clown and Karnov. The latter is the only re-drawn character, changed from a muscle bound hulk down to a rolling ball of fat. The usual 1-on-1 fighting style is here in full effect and of course another player can join in at anytime.

The games gameplay is of course close to the Street Fighter style, though find a finding a fighter that wasn't is almost impossible. This is an excellent entry into the genre for beginners, but die-hard players won't find anything new. Combos are simple and easy to perform, no matter which character you choose. The 4-button set-up (down from 6-button controls in the first game) is a bit awkward if your used to other Geo fighters like King of Fighters, but a small adjustment period will take care of this problem.

The graphics are colorful, but not quite up to the standards on the console. There is little here that a weaker console wouldn't be able to do, though some of the backgrounds are loaded with animation. All backgrounds are new for this entry. Each stage changes each round, usually day-to-night, though some are entirely different. Animation is unimpressive, not improved from the first game in the series at all. Music is fair, though the faster tracks towards the end of a round can be infuriating. Voice quality varies with some of the characters getting the short end.

This is a decent brawler, certainly better than some of the fighters on the system. It breaks no new ground nor does it even try to, but entry level players will find some enjoyment and the solid gameplay just might give the hardcore crowd a nice flashback. It's an improvement from the original, with the usual array of upgrades a fighting game sequel should contain.


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