K-Razy Shoot-out

Atari 5200

Review by Keita Iida



Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 5

It would be an understatement to suggest that K-Razy Shoot-Out belongs to the Berzerk school. Being part of the school connotates following basic principles, but having some measure of individuality.

Both Berzerk and K-Razy Shoot-Out are virtually identical. So much so that I can't see any reason for CBS to have released this cartridge. The graphics are sparse, though the little pirouette the Commanders perform when they die is quite comical. Perhaps the one major element that differentiates Berzerk from K-Razy is the voice, or lack thereof in the case of the latter. Unlike in Berzerk, you won't hear insults and taunts spouted your way by some smiley-faced creature, and K-Razy Shoot-Out loses points in the charm department as a result. Otherwise, it's no better or worse than Berzerk, which means it's a challenging, steady-nerves contest that gets repetitive rather quickly.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:27 PM