Jet Moto


Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 4

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 4.5


It's amazing what passed for good back in the early days of the PSX! Some loved this game and others hated it. I will take the opinion of the latter. It is a good concept and it should have worked but it is littered with flaws that make this semi classic almost unplayable today, and probably not too much easier in yesteryear.

jetmoto1ps1.jpg (48008 bytes)This game spawned a few sequels over the years. Like I said before, the concept is good but is executed poorly. At least the sequels improved and perfected most of the flaws. At its heart it is nothing more than a jet ski game that allows you to race over any terrain. There are ten tracks, three are unlocked from the start. There are 20 racers to choose from, none are particularly better than the others.

The game play is where this game is just a mess. Need for Speed on the 3DO, Ridge Racer, and Wipeout were released around the same time and look ten times better than this game. You can tell they tried to add some nice effects with reflections on the water but the graphics are so muddy and garbled that it creates problems with judging distance and speed perception is weakened. The first track is the only one that is remotely enjoyable; the rest are too narrow and there are too many obstacles on the courses, causing frustration. You will crash into stumps and trees so often that you will lose a race because you can't tell how far an obstacle is from you. All around the graphics are just hurting, even back then it was frustrating.

The highlight of this game is the music, it all fits the game quite well, it all sounds like tropical racing tunes and other classic rock tunes.

This game is better off left alone. If you need to play a jet ski game play the sequels or just play a different racing game period. This one causes frustration and is a terrible first impression of the PSX's capabilities.


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Last updated: Monday, June 26, 2006 10:23 PM