Jet Moto 3


Review by Matt Paprocki

989 Studios


Graphics: 4

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 4

jetmoto31ps1.jpg (36597 bytes)Jet Moto 3 continues the trend of disappointing sequels from 989. The first two games in this highly popular series were decent futuristic racing games, but this, the third game in the series, is one of the worst sequels in recent memory. The only thing that remains from the previous games is the basic premise. Everything else is lost.

Hyper fast racing across land and water is still the meat of the game, but this game loses something. A huge graphical drop has been taken as has the number of racers who will challenge your player. Dropping from as high as 20 down to a measly five severely hurts this games excitement factor. 989 didn't even compensate for this loss with higher polygon counts as the riders barely make it past stick figure status. The environments are also crude, but the steady and fast frame rate keep things moving.

Also similar (but not as good) to the first two games, the sound just doesn't pack the same punch. Each track has it's own theme song, but none of them will stick in your head. Ambient noises are lost between the music and engine sounds, fading into the background, hardly noticeable.

jetmoto32ps1.jpg (33680 bytes)The speed of the game is quite fast as mentioned above, but this has raised the difficulty to insane levels. Taking a corner requires a huge lead time and precise braking, something a game based on speed doesn't need. Not even the functionality of an analog controller makes this any easier. The AI is brutal a majority of the time, taking turns at full speed, even when players can't take them at half. Missing a single jump could result in a race that is impossible to win.

This series seems to have run it's course. The first game in the series was an interesting diversion from the rest of the generic racing games on the market. This second sequel was simply a rehash with the best features removed, yet the tightest gameplay. The high difficulty will be too much for even the most experienced gamers to handle, mostly for all the wrong reasons. If you've never played a Jet Moto game, pick up Jet Moto 2 for the real thing.


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Last updated: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 12:47 AM