Jaguar XJ220

Sega CD

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 5

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 5

Overall: 5


The good news is it's a one of the few racing games on the SEGA CD, the bad news is it's nothing more than mediocre. This game lives up to the stereotype of the Sega CD being an under par console of the 90's.

The soundtrack is the only thing that remotely takes advantage of the CD capabilities and that does it barely as the music is vanilla at best. It's second flaw is the graphic style. The graphics are dull and uninspired to start, but when the modern games at the time had gone to new graphic styles for racing games this game still used the cheesy graphics style from the 80's seen in Radmobile and Rad Racer. The grass on the sides of the track is striped horizontally and the stands (and pits) have no detail. Mountains, trees and other backgrounds are cut and pasted backdrops similar to the SMS's Hang On.

There is actually a league you can start and upgrade your Jag as you go. The game play at heart feels like they threw Pole Position into some new graphical skin and added a couple extra tracks, nothing more.

Control is accurate but feels old and has nothing new added to make stand out over any older racer. You always start out with a single qualifying lap and then a three lap race. At least you don't have to scream out I pushed the button, or my freakin' car won't turn when I want it to.

Each car looks the same, some have different colors and almost all of the tracks look the same. The sound is the biggest laugh of it all. The motor sounds like a gas powered RC car motor and the sound the tires make when you're turning sharp sounds like the chirp the tires make when shifting gears. It will provide a good laugh or too. The soundtrack is the best part of this package.

I didn't say that it was a good thing.

It uses the CD capabilities but is the only thing that does. The tracks are tolerable and a couple are minutely enjoyable but are very average. Unfortunately, the sound effects overpower the soundtrack and all you really hear is weak base bumps making the racing seem more lackluster. The track menu is also very tedious to select a song.

With all this said, it's a dull game. It is actually playable and the enjoyment at least tries to make eye contact with you occasionally but the Genesis and SNES saw Racers that were 10 times better so why would you settle for this when you can play one of those?


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Last updated: Monday, June 26, 2006 10:15 PM