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Here's our ever-growing list of video game reviews. We love the classics, but we PLAY EVERYTHING. Keep in mind that Digital Press has been in publication since 1991: many games released AFTER 1991 were written when the game was new. Reviews of games released BEFORE 1991 allowed us the luxury of hindsight!

Got a review in ya?

We encourage our visitors to submit their own game reviews.This site has always been written by GAMERS... that means you. Check out the guidelines below and send your game reviews for any system to

Include the DP "basics":

  • Title: Include the game's title as well as the manufacturer and system you're reviewing the game on.

  • Graphics: Give us your rating from 1-10 (10 is the highest) on the game's overall graphics. In your review, explain why. Note that we very rarely give anything a 10 in any category.

  • Sound: As graphics, but rate and explain the music and sound effects.

  • Gameplay: As graphics and sound, but rate and explain how well the game plays, controls... how "fun" it actually is regardless of sound and graphics.

  • Screen shots are a must; box art and observations about the packaging are swell. If it's a newer game you can usually get screen shots from the publisher's website. If it's an older game, you can use an emulator. Screen shots can be ANY graphic format (GIF and JPG preferred) but should be at minimum 320 x 240 pixels. You know us... the bigger the better!

Include these "intangibles" if possible:

  • History: what inspired this game's development?

  • Backcatalog: if the game is a sequel or uses characters from other games, give us the lineage.

  • Strategy: not just easter eggs, as a player, what are your tips for winning?

  • Designers: (and other games they may have done): who are they?

  • Replayability: what helps or hinders the game from a second playing? A one-hundredth?

  • Comparisons: we like the "if you like that other game, you'll love this one" and vice-versa, but don't be too obscure. Try to keep your comparisons limited to the most popular titles.

  • Features: always point out if a game is online-compatible, or can be played by 4 or more simultaneously, or requires a light gun, or attempts a new kind of technology, or... well, you get the idea.

Game reviews are spell-checked and formatted to our page style here, but if there's any special formatting you want just mention it before the review. You can submit the review in e-mail, TXT, or Word format, whichever works best for you.

Need some review writing tips?

Read Matt "Wavelflack" Gamber's What Makes a Good Game Review, HERE.

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