The Incredible Crash Dummies

Game Gear

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 8

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 8


Crash Dummies belongs in the top 25 cheesiest game concepts of all time list. Aside from all of that, it's a pretty amusing game and fairly enjoyable to play too although a bit generic at times.

incrediblecrashdummies1gg.jpg (68212 bytes)This game is pretty much a spoof on all of those Olympic sports games, like those Winter, Summer, or World games. Take on the role of a Crash Dummy and instead of just crashing cars now you have to dive off of buildings, ski, pack bombs, and of course crash cars.

The graphics are definitely a high for the Game Gear. Along the courses you have to collect a number of items to complete each event. Everything is easy to depict and clear. Collision detection is dead on and control is accurate and tight. You'll need it to help you complete each event. The first level you have to dive off of a building, bounce on awnings, and splat on a target on the ground.

In the racing stage you have to collect items. If you don't meet the quota by the end of the course, you lose a life. You are only given five and a big fat game over comes up. The skiing stage is kind of funny as you are test running a new course and you have to crash into at least 15 flags to complete the course. Each stage has a fair share of amusement.

The music is catchy and easy to hum along to. It's nothing that will stick in your head for days but it works pretty well. Sound effects are dead on and fitting. All of the sounds when you crash or splat are well done and add amusement to the game.

Everything works well in this Game Gear title even if it feels like a lot of ideas are borrowed from other titles. This is one of the better games for the console and if you have to play your Game Gear this should be in your collection.


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Last updated: Sunday, July 02, 2006 09:55 PM