Hyper Crazy Climber Saturn/PSX
Review by Mark Terry Nichibutsu Arcade
Overall: 8

A foreign game review is easy for me due to the fact that I only have one foreign game. Hyper Crazy Climber by Nichibutsu revamps the classic arcade original with a 90's flair. I am a big fan of the arcade and of the elusive Atari 2600 version so this review is very personal to me.

It starts with a Bomberman-style map screen that shows you an overview of the various spires to conquer. These include an underwater Atlantis like building, a medieval clock tower who's time telling hands are a hazard, a haunted skyscraper and even a beanstalk. (Obviously a hi-Jacked idea from Mother Goose) All this and more to be tackled by three new characters, each with the usual strength/speed differences. But they are not without help on their race for the top. The addition of hidden power-ups like a time stopping clock and window shattering sticks of dynamite enhance your chances for survival. At the completion of the second climb the game gives you access to the center pagoda where you can, thru a coin op slot machine, earn extra lives and other items that lead you to a fast paced bonus level. Coins are awarded at the completion of each standard level.

All the old nasties are in place to impede your progress. Boxing Kong’s, a pregnant bird with dysentery (who thought up that combination), and even man-eating plants. The apartment dwellers armed with flower pots and bottles have been augmented with ghosts who drop hand tools at you and outer space aliens who throw lawyers out of a high rise. "Hey! They are good for something."

Yeehaw!!!! Ain't we got fun!?! If it sounds exciting there's a reason for it. IT IS!

Let's talk about gameplay. For those fans of the arcade the controls are dead-on. The transition from 2 joysticks to a direction pad and 4 buttons to control arm placement are done smoothly but nostalgia leaves you wishing for a hand held dual joystick controller ( I hope someone from ASCII is reading this). The controls are still so good that I can't blame mistakes on the stick but only on my own haste.

All this and more challenge your dexterity in this steroid injected sequel. In conclusion the only things that would make this game even more enjoyable for me would be if they included the original Crazy Climber as a playable option and if I could read Japanese.


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