Guitar Freaks Playstation
Review by Kelly Solowsky Konami Simulation
Graphics: 7 Sound: 9 Gameplay: 8 Overall: 9

My pal Joe let me borrow this game, and let me tell ya, I wanted to hold it hostage for ransom!! If you ever dreamed of being a big rock star, or are one of the many people who play “air guitar” in their car in traffic, this is the game for you!

You can choose 3 different levels, “Normal”, “Practice” or “Expert.” Unless you think you are Eddie Van Halen himself, I would choose normal to start. If you have no rhythm like Steve Martin in The Jerk, then start out with the practice level. You can also pick “Free,” which gives you a choice of all of the songs, and you can skip over the game mode, and just jam!

 If you pick Normal level, you are given the option of choosing your song. “Cutie Pie” (named after me, I first thought) is a good song to start out with. It’s a catchy tune, which you will never be able to get out of your head, but try it anyway. It takes a little time to get used to where each colored button is, and when you actually have to hit it and “strum” at the same time. Once you get that down, you are on your way to opening a new world in the art of video games.

 You should only start with one, two or three ***star** songs, and practice those till you get the hang of it. The cool thing about this game is if you have 2 controllers, you can play a “dynanic duo” with a friend!

 If you decide to be a hot dog and pick expert first, then good luck to ya! It plays all of the same songs as normal, just at Alvin and The Chipmunks speed. So choose expert first, and get ready to feel like you have carpal tunnel syndrome in your left hand!!!

 One thing that I feel is worth mentioning with this game is the cool videos that play in the middle of the screen during each song. They are truly some of the funniest images I have ever seen during a game!

 “Free” is the level in which you can just skip the confines of playing the game mode and choose from any song in the library. This is cool if you want to practice and check out the other songs in the game.


If you get three songs in a row at an acceptable “grade,” you then get to play a bonus track. On the normal level, the song is “Hypnotica,” which is a cool, but a VERY hard song for beginner. If you get this song down, you're ready for the expert level, which gives you more songs to choose from.

 Final Thoughts:

This is a very different type of video game, and will truly prove to be addicting to anyone who tries it! My TOP songs are: Jazzy Cat, Hypnotica, and all right you guessed it, Cutie Pie!! I LOVE this game, and always look forward to the day my fellow band member, Joe Santulli and I live out our dream and go on a world tour!

Psst! Here's an MP3 of one of our favorite songs... download and listen!

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