Review by Doug Jackson

Mud Duck


Graphics: 6

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7


Leave it to Mud Duck to port obscure games, and here we are. Gubble is a port of a forgotten PC game released in 1997. Well, since the name surrenders no description of game play or style at all, it is a very strange Pac-Man clone.

gubble1ps1.jpg (60002 bytes)In this game you have a world map or planet and on it are stages you must enter. Once in, you have to wander around and hop on the tool needed to pull the nails and screws out. These hold the planet together.

There is a twist though: You cannot hop over enemies when riding the tool. You have to hop off and hover over them and then hop back on your tool. Instead of pellets to collect you have nails, screws, and bolts. To collect them, you have to ride the hammer to pull nails, a screw gun to pull screws, and a ratchet head to pull bolts. Collect them all and you finish the stage.

There are bonus stages within each stage to add to your score and to replenish health. You don't die from hitting enemies. Instead, you lose health. When health runs out the game is over.

The game play is absurd to say the least, but retains it's fun factor. It will grow tedious fast though because you have no lives, continues, and no passwords. Game over is just that and you have to start over form scratch.

Music is out there and sounds like a stoner's idea of 60's cartoon music. The graphics are well drawn but look aged even for a game released in 2002. It feels like an early PSX game at best. The sound effects fit but aren't anything to write home about.

This game isn't great, but it does carry its charm. It's fun to see how truly outrageous the concept is as well as for the cheese factor which is up there. This game is a great way to kill 15 minutes or so but won't last too much longer than that. It is an OK game from a ho hum budget company at least.


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Last updated: Monday, June 26, 2006 09:58 PM