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FM Transmitter

Overall: 9


While some people may find it overkill, Griffin's iTrip on the PSP can make a UMD movie scream. This FM transmitter takes the audio from the console and wirelessly sends it to an empty radio station of your choosing. It's not an original concept, but on the PSP, it can add to the overall gaming experience instead of just music.

Itrip1psp.jpg (53879 bytes)With an easy set up thanks to a bright LED readout, the iTrip works immediately out of the box. There are three slots to save available stations to, and while the process isn't perfect, it's easy to grasp. The gadget attaches perfectly to the bottom of the PSP, while adding in ports for headphones and the AC adapter.

The iTrip does need its own power source, taken from the included AA batteries. When you hear the sound quality, you'll understand why. Outside or indoors, the iTrip performs flawlessly. Testing a UMD movie was incredible, with stereo audio from a home theater's FM tuner that was on par with a stereo mix of any DVD.

Of course, there's the question of why you'd be watching a movie on a tiny handheld screen while listening to it on a home theater (we're odd like that), but it shows how flawlessly this item works. There was little interference up to a range of around 15 feet. Griffin also includes a new carrying case if you don't want to continuously take off the iTrip.

The small unit itself matches the console perfectly, down to the indents that 90% of the population believe are the PSP's speakers. To the untrained eye, it looks like it belongs there, hanging off the bottom of the PSP. The added bulk is a minor problem at best. It causes no interruption to buttons or gameplay.

The only complaint possible with the iTrip is the LED light. Merely a few seconds after turning it on, the lights go off. It's obviously a power saving feature, but one that can be frustrating when setting the device up initially.

Retail on the iTrip is high at $50. It doesn't look like a $50 piece, though it performs like one. If you extensively use your PSP as a MP3 player and need your fix in the car, the iTrip is perfect. Also, if you're a true audiophile, you can finally forget the PSP speakers and run everything (wirelessly of course) to your home theater.


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Last updated: Friday, August 25, 2006 10:54 PM