Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 8

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 5

Overall: 5.5


I picked up Godzilla in a lot of games that I found from the thrift shop and needed this game for my collection. Then I figured since I own it I might as well at least try it. I tossed it in my NES and watched the intro and had to give a nod to the nice cinematics for the opening. The still scenes really looked good and showed me what a NES could do. I then noticed the dialogue scrolling across the bottom and read the story I got annoyed with the s-l-o-w scrolling, I also thought it was funny how Toho used Planet X in their story line again.

godzillanes2.gif (13646 bytes)I started a game and was treated to a hex-based game board and got to choose either Godzilla or Mothra. I walked from spot to spot and fought through endless hills and mountains which had aliens, satellite dishes, and helicopters firing at me so fast that I barley could dodge them. Finally I get to one spot on the playfield and was asked to fight a boss and accepted.

I fought my way through the stage playing as Mothra and made it the monster at the end and loved how good it looked. The enemies in this game are huge and look really nice. It had way too much health and the fighting was over simplistic. The bosses moves are about as cheap as a two-bit faucet.

While fighting the boss I realized that Mothra is quite inferior to Godzilla in this game. His special attack executed by pressing the start button uses up too much power and the rest of the gameplay turns into button mashing. I lost the fight and switched back to Godzilla and went through some more stages and button mashed through several areas that all looked got repetitive and all looked the same. This is where I stopped playing and had to play something else.

Needless to say the game is below average at best. Graphics are excellent, Godzilla and the monsters are huge, but the music is average and the gameplay grows old quickly. This game is worth checking out to see the nice graphics and may cater well to die hard Godzilla fans, but I'm not one of them. I will move along and suggest the same to you.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 12:52 AM