Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike


Review by Rob O'Hara

Ubi Soft


Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 8


ghostrecon2ss1_xbox.jpg (25887 bytes)Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike is one of those games that doesn't really need reviewing. It's essentially Ghost Recon 2, repackaged with a few new features. If you liked the original, you?ll like this one. However, since A. it's the only new game I've picked up in the past two weeks, and B. everybody is rushing out the door to head to either CGE or vgXpo this weekend, I thought I would go ahead and write up a brief review. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part: C. it's really good.

Using the same engine as Ghost Recon 2, this stand-alone expansion pack adds new maps and new missions to the existing GR franchise. Offline, there are eleven new missions which can be played by either one or two players. Online, GR2:SS contains two new styles of game play (Heli-Hunt and Armor Strike, bringing the total for 24), 24 maps, and several new weapon and graphical upgrades.

ghostrecon2ss2_xbox.jpg (19806 bytes)As with many other FPS shooters, you?ll need to take control of your squad if you plan to get very far in the mission. Hold them back and you may be the first to take a bullet from the enemy; send them off into battle too soon and you?ll risk blowing your cover. Fortunately your fellow soldiers have pretty good AI, and tend to react realistically in most battle situations. Unfortunately for you, so does the enemy.

While GR2:SS is being promoted as an expansion pack, there are enough new features and upgrades found within for it to stand on its own feet. Ghost Recon 2.5, perhaps. Fans of console FPS who like a little strategy mixed with their weaponry should pick up Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike. Not only is it a better game than GR2, but it also has an MSRP of $29.99. Win/win.


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Last updated: Sunday, September 18, 2005 09:42 PM