3-D Genesis

Atari 2600

Review by Daryl Lytle



Graphics: 8

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8


I really like this game. It is a bit of a Tempest clone. Set in the future, the planet is overrun with huge insects that fight for survival. The enemy has been pushed into a deep crevice. You are the scorpion like warrior that must battle the oncoming waves of insects and destroy anything that crawls out of the deep void to threaten the planet. The select button will chose a one or two player game and fire to start. You control the scorpion like creature much like the 'crawler' in Tempest. You must fire upon any insects trying to crawl out of the void. Moving left or right will maneuver your player around the outer edge of the playfield. Enemies will climb up the walls towards you. If one reaches the outer rim, it can knock a section of the outside wall away. If you move over that area, you will fall into the pit! There is also a creature that's called a 'rail snail' that shows as a yellow section of grid of the outer rim of the void and is constantly moving around the edges that you must contend with. It will kill you if you touch it, but for a brief second prior to it changing direction, it will emit a couple tones and you can touch it, which gives you the ability to either: fill in one of the sections of the grid that the other insects tore away and bridge the gap so you can continue along the rail, or it will give you a one-time immunity from being touched by another one of the insects. Use it however you feel is best. You get three lives per game, and when you touch another creature, you fall into the void and lose one life. You will also lose a life if you accidentally fall into the void due to the 'rail snail' removing a section of the grid. There are 8 waves to defeat, and after each wave, your wave counter will flash letting you know that you cleared that wave. After the 8 waves, the game continues on, though your counter never goes higher than 8 waves. The game is a lot of fun, it's pretty frantic. The 3D effect is pretty good, the enemies scale from small to big the closer they get to help give it the needed effect. Good sounds accompany the action. It has decent graphics and great game play. This definitely has a good replay value.



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