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Okay, what's up with Frogger? The Seinfeld episode. Loose Atari 2600 Frogger carts selling for ten bucks a piece on Ebay. The Hasbro update for Playstation and PC--terribly reviewed but immensely popular. I can't pretend to explain it; maybe it's just a charming little game that everyone grew up with and it's finally getting its due.

The issue at hand concerns the Frogger release for the Sega Genesis, and I think the question on the minds of most Frogger fans can be answered in two words: arcade perfect. I played arcade Frogger in Florida a few months ago on what was yet another sign of this bizarre Frogger renaissance--the game was in one of those new cabinets that contains the big whippin' monitor and new joysticks, retrofitted with the original early 80s Frogger arcade program. Now I admit I didn't take notes or anything, but as best as I can tell the Genesis cart is the same as the arcade program in every respect. And I have to say that the Genesis version is the ONLY home version of Frogger that I've seen that appears to be arcade perfect. Genesis Frogger was one of the last releases for the system and was one of the last games to be widely available. So, you might still have some luck in tracking this one down, and it will probably be pretty cheap--a lot less expensive than the arcade classic, and it won't take up as much space in your game room, either.

A couple of final notes: I have not played the still-available SNES version of Frogger but I have been told to avoid it. Supposedly, it is NOT arcade perfect, and I'm told that it pales in comparison to the Genesis version. And by the way, do we know the name of the individual who designed and programmed the original Frogger arcade game? The time is ripe for him (or her!) to step forward and take a bow at the next Classic Gaming Expo.


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Last updated: Saturday, December 13, 2003 10:54 PM