Final Fight Super NES
Review by Joe Santulli Capcom Fighting/Arcade
Overall: 7

Remember Final Fight in the arcades? Taking Double Dragon a step further, our characters were bigger, had meaner moves, and featured the sharpest graphics and funkiest soundtrack you could find. Capcom picked a winner to translate to the Super Nintendo, and they did a commendable job, especially considering this is one of the first releases for the system.

For those of you who don't remember it, or never played the game, this is a killer brawling contest where your character travels across a tough city to rescue the mayor's daughter from an evil gang. Along the way, you meet up with stiff opposition, with gang members teaming up to plow you into the concrete. You get the same game at home now, with virtually all of the fighting elements intact. Haggar still delivers a mean pile-driver. Cody's flying spin kick is enough to wipe out anyone in his path, and Guy's... hey, wait a minute! Where IS Guy?

Here is where the home version skimps a little. Yes, one of the characters from the original is missing, but more importantly, we cannot team up with a friend to tackle the "Mad Gear" gang. I wonder why there are two characters to choose from then? Could this cartridge have been rushed a little? Maybe so, but what's there is great stuff. The sound effects grunt across a stereo system like you are there, and the action is smooth and fast. You really can't complain too much, unless you're waiting for your friend to finish playing.

I liked the bonus stages where you try to total an automobile with a weapon in the allotted time. If Capcom keeps this up, they'll be leaders in this system in much the same way they became such for the 8-bit NES: rock solid gameplay!

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