Review by Kevin Oleniacz



Graphics: 8

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7

Usually when great movies are followed up by sequels, they do not live up to the standards of the original.  The same holds true for the Genesis version of Fantasia, the sequel to Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion.

Playing the part of Mickey, you must search through four worlds in order to retrieve music notes whisked away by the wind.  Traverse through Water, Earth, Air, and Fire World, while avoiding a collection of evil creatures.  Stars replenish strength, flying books increase spell power, and crystal balls and other objects add bonus points to your score.  Touch a fairy and Mickey will be transported to another scene within the same world.  Search for hidden doors which lead to bonus rooms that contain stars and spell books.

This visually stunning game contains fully detailed creatures and background scenery.  Crystals, bottles and other objects dispayed in the foreground project an illusion of a 3-D effect.  The audio and visual effects are also outstanding.  Alligator's mouths widen an shut; platforms jolt under Mickey's weight when he jumps; dinosaurs stomp their feet and shake the earth.  The music is very good but can be choppy at times.

I would have rated this cart a perfect ten based upon the graphics.  Unfortunately, great graphics do not constitute a great game.  Some of the foreground graphics temporarily hide your enemies from view.  If you do not accumulate the required number of points to complete a level, you must venture through the same level again.  The most annoying aspect is the controls.  You must hold the D button down to jump on top of enemies.  Mickey does not have the same smooth control as in Castle of Illusion.  He is also very sensitive when near an enemy.  Sometimes he appears to have barely missed an enemy, and a strength unit is lost anyway.  In certain areas  when Mickey is caught by a creature, you have a fraction of a second to react or TWO strength units are lost.  Fantasia is more fun to watch than it is to play.

"This cart is an unworthy successor to Castle of Illusion in controls, music, and overall gameplay."

"Great graphics, but difficult controls make Fantasia somewhat aggravating to play.  Not as good as Castle of Illusion."


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