Extreme G3


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8.5


Dear Sir or Madame,

Thank you for you interest in our racing league. Here at the Extreme G racing center, we pride ourselves on the highest quality tracks, upgrades, and prizes. We believe that we are the best of the futuristic racing companies, easily eclipsing the others (such as the so called "Wipeout" league). I hope you consider our generous offer and choose to join our wonderful association.

First, let us tell you about some of the features available to you as a member. Your career will take you across numerous vistas unlike anything you've ever seen before. From new sites such as Oceania to classic tracks such as Muon Harbor, each of these will offer the perilous dangers you're looking for. If weapons are your main interest, we offer the latest designs such as Micro Mines, EMP's, Leeches, and more. At any time, you may also practice on any course you've raced on to improve your skills. You'll also have the opportunity to tackle the time trials to earn more money from our long line of sponsors.

If you've never visited any of our tracks, please be aware that our course designers are amongst the elite in their fields. From the massive loops, huge hills, and jumps that can cause motion sickness, our courses are all challenging enough for even the most experienced racers. With our tracks, you'll fly through sprawling cities, underwater, and gigantic glaciers, sights that not even our competitors can compete with. Then again, at 700 MPH, you might not see much of the scenery anyway.

Once inside your vehicle, you'll be treated to some great music from some of the best techno artists available. Your vehicle also supports Dolby Pro-logic II, the latest advancement in sound technology. This allows you to hear missiles and bullets approaching you from any angle, allowing you to move out of the way in time to save yourself.

I hope this letter has inspired you join our league. Through our extensive research, we have found that we offer numerous items that our competitors cannot match. The thrill of racing against our talent has been proven to get adrenalin flowing like nothing else can. Get you weapons ready, check your engine, and buckle yourself in. Good luck and remember: Live, Earn, Burn.

The Extreme G Racing League


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Last updated: Saturday, July 23, 2005 08:44 AM