Elevator Action Returns Saturn
Review by Clint Dyer Sega Arcade
Overall: 7

The original Elevator Action game (arcades and NES only) was a game that always intrigued me, but I could never get anywhere with it. I loved playing it, but could never quite get past the first "level". That is not the case with this title. The original concept remains intact, go through the building, shoot the bad guys and enter doors to pick up points and items (since the game is in Japanese, I don’t know if you’re picking up the same things as before), but other than that everything is different. There are now 3 characters to choose from, 2 men and a woman, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the men is slow, but has stronger fire-power and armor, the woman is fast, but has weaker armor and average fire-power, and the other man is about average in all aspects. There are also several different enemies, ranging from dogs (who was the genius that decided to let dogs be shot?) to men in flack jackets that shoot at you with flame throwers. The weapons for your character have also been beefed up. You can now pick up several different weapons including grenades, flame throwers, machine guns and shot guns as well as several different power-ups such as shields and the like.

The game does suffer from repetitiveness, especially at the "boss" times, when you have to fight 30+ of the same bad guy to get to the next stage. I also wouldn’t consider the graphics to be "32-bit", but the animation of the characters more than makes up for the lack in graphics. Other than those two negative points, this game is a lot of fun, but I’d rent it first to make sure it’s not too repetitious for your tastes.

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