Atari 2600

Review by Kevin Oleniacz

US Games


Graphics: 8

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7

eggomania.gif (2198 bytes)In contrast to Apollo's Lost Luggage, Eggomania had taken advantage of the PERFECTLY EGG-CELLENT successful Kaboom! theme, and modified it to create an equally entertaining product. This time, employ your paddles to move a bear across the bottom of the screen. Catch eggs dropped by a hyperactive, overstuffed bird. Miss one and yolk builds up on the floor. If the yolk compiles over the bear's head, your game is history. You're given an opportunity to turn the tables on the bird between rounds. Fire the eggs back at the bird while a tune plays. After successfully nailing the strutting turkey, bonus points rack up and some of the yolk disappears. The bird lifts up its feathers revealing polka-dotted underwear, and slowly flies upward in embarrassment.

Eye-pleasing visuals and a four-player option presents itself as a wonderful party game. Added effects such as the turkey's dance with an "in your face" attitude when an egg is missed will provide a few chuckles, but this game, patterned after a well-worn concept, will not provoke gamers to ask for more.

TIP: Shooting wildly at the bird will only excite it. Shoot sparingly to increase your odds of blasting him.


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