Dr. Chaos


Review by Cleatis

FCI/Pony Canyon


Graphics: 5

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 6


Back in 1988 I owned about…55 or so games. I had the weird ones...while everyone else bought “Tecmo Bowl” or “Gradius” I was out buying “Golgo 13”, “The Goonies II” and… “Dr. Chaos”. Who could resist the front cover? Guy with knife is being chased down by these little monsters…how could he survive? Also, the back of the box showed a pretty impressive looking game.

Basic premise: Dr. Ginn Chaos has been working on warp zone technology and one occasion, he accidentally causes a warp zone to go awry. The warp punches several holes in reality and…tragically, our good doctor falls into one of these warps. But fear not, his brother Michael—who has not received a letter from Ginn in quite a while (ever though of calling, Mike?)—decides to come to his brother’s mansion to save him.

The game has you, as Michael, wandering around the house, looking for weapons health items and the entrances to the warp zones. However, you can only enter the warp zones if you’ve found the ultraspace sensor. As stated, the game doesn’t even offer you a hint on how to find it. So it’s hunt and peck.

The game plays in two view points. By and large, it’s a platform game, but, just like in “The Goonies II”, you’ll enter rooms and see things in a 1st person viewpoint. It’s here where you find guns, ammo, grenades, health drinks and the entrance to the warps. The warp zones place you in a platform style sequence where you have to make your way to the right, fight various creatures, jump over holes in the floor and then fight a boss. You fight the boss, get the item and then you are given a long password. (not River City Ransom long though, thank God.) Then, then, you have to make your way BACK to the warp entrance—and yes, the traps you fought on the way will be there on your way back. Nothing’s free, Chester.

The original game was on the Famicom disk drive system—which allowed for battery back-up, better music and the better graphics that were seen on the back of the box.

Note the back box says “memory capacity to save your score and re-start the game where you left off”. The flying creature on the bottom picture looks nothing like that in the game.

The manual fails to mention WHERE to find the Ultraspace sensor…the manual was also not translated very well. So….basically…you’re going to be going around pseudo-first person viewpoint rooms and not have a clue about what to do.

First let me explain that I'm cursed,
I'm a poet whose time gets reversed.
Reversed gets time,
Whose poet a I'm,
Cursed I'm that explain me let first!


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