Double Strike


Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 1.5

Sound: 2

Gameplay: 0.5

Overall: 1


American Video will be remembered by most for their passable puzzle games and for their shameless attempts at anything else. Double Strike is another one of their shameless efforts. Don't pay any attention to the nice label as it's the only good part of the game. Not even the title seems to fit.

doublestrike1nes.png (9036 bytes)To start, the graphics are just plain ridiculous. Your ship is a green rocket and is flying in the atmosphere. Every enemy plane is single shade of orange and all bullets look the same. It looks like something found in a toddler's coloring book.

Each stage is an endless wave of about the same three or four enemies. Backgrounds show potential but are just an endless repeating of the same screen or two. When you reach a boss, the background chops off and it scrolls into a plain blue screen. It has to be seen to be believed.

Sound is an abomination too. Bullets sound like their from a LCD handheld and you have to hear them constantly. Music is just as abysmal. As with most AVE tunes, it sounds like the most boring Merry-Go-Round music that's high pitched. Boss music only gets worse.

Game play is miserable. Aside from extra lives, there are only three weak bonuses. A double and triple shot along with a spreader are the only available choices. The latter is by far the most useless weapon as it fires slow and definitely too far apart. Most Atari 2600 games are many times more involving than this tripe. Deaths occur from enemy contact because they move in unpredictable patterns.

Everything about this game is an abomination. What was AVE trying to accomplish by making these games? Between this, Deathbots, and F-15 City War we definitely have AVE's three worst games and maybe some of the worst on the NES. Avoid this game like a disease!


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Last updated: Monday, January 29, 2007 10:37 PM