Amiga CD32

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 4

Sound: 3

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 7.5

Proving that looks don't mean anything, D/Generation (actual spelling) is a completely unique adventure mixed in with some action and RPG elements. There is very little else like this title anywhere in the game world and that puts it ahead early on. Mix is some quality gameplay and you've got a must own CD32 title.

You drop in (literally) to deliver a package to Derrida, the lead scientist of Genoq Biolabs. Problem is that the entire building has been overrun by a virus gone bad. Everything from chairs to the security system is under control by the rampant experiment gone wrong. Whatever is in that package has the utmost importance and it's up to you to brave 10 floors in a UPS driver's worst nightmare.

The 3/4 view gives the game a nice viewpoint of the action, but the lackluster and under detailed graphics are a supreme disappointment. Each room (around 120 in total according to the games documentation) presents a completely unique challenge and cannot be ran through. Before taking a single step, the entire area must be planned out in advance.

Switches are ingeniously placed and knowing which one to hit first could mean life or death. Hundreds of workers have become hostages within the walls of the building so rescuing them is also a priority. They also advance the story and give clues on how to counter the viruses attack. You'll gain access to a laser gun early on to combat the mutating threat in it's many forms. Though the graphics lack any detail or a lot of color, everything can be easily made out and figuring out what is trying to kill you is a never a problem.

This is not a game for those with little patience. You'll die... a lot. You have only five lives to conquer the mutant virus and losing them all sends you all the way back to the starting point. The death animations are almost always unique and even hilarious at times. Watching someone get electrocuted in the same room for the 15th time will get annoying, regardless of your patience level. The sound effects don't help either with basic explosions and laser effects. No music is present.

Still, even with all that, this is still an engrossing title. You'll almost feel smarter by making it through some of these rooms. Rescuing hostages is always a challenge and when you're stuck, you'll begin thinking of strategies before you fall asleep at night. This is a rare, completely unique title that simply must be played if you own the system.


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Last updated: Sunday, September 25, 2005 05:20 PM