Deep Duck Trouble

Game Gear

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 6

Overall: 6


Deep Duck Trouble (J)-01.gif (5753 bytes)Missing any single original idea or concept, Deep Duck Trouble is a typical hop n' bop platformer. If you've played video games for any amount of time, you know how this is going to pan out. The character however comes through nicely however, through the animation and trademark Disney style.

Donald Duck's limited offensive repertoire consists of nothing but jumping on the heads of various creatures that for whatever reason don't like the classic character. He can also kick boxes, to both earn power-ups and if lucky, knock out an enemy. That's about all this one offers, and the primitive stylings of this platformer is enough to be a turn off.

Still, the gameplay does work. There's nothing actually wrong here either, except for the excessive slowdown (which is prevalent). The character is captured, and the amount of animation packed into this cart is impressive. The multiple stand-still animations are wonderful.

There are some attempts at variety, again borrowed from a staggering number of better and more well rounded titles. The usual platform sections, from the rapidly rising lava pit, underwater dives, and sudden speed boost from a power-up (a truly blatant Sonic knock-off) are here as expected from opening moments. Stage progression is up to the player, though there seems to be no actual advantage taking on one stage over another.

Deep Duck Trouble (J)-02.gif (5858 bytes)Aimed at the proper age group, without any jaded looks from a die-hard and longtime gamers, this one admittedly fares well. That's where it matters, and that's where Deep Duck Trouble's appeal lies in the first place. It's fun, but actual entertainment value will be derived from experience, love for the genre, age, and also the character.


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Last updated: Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:17 AM