Review by Joe Santulli



Graphics: 4

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 2

It will always amaze me that the FIRST Doom clone for the 3DO (which was in and of itself, "DOOM"ed) was its best.

That game was called Escape from Monster Manor. Although the background textures were rather repetitive and the action sometimes sparse, the game flowed smoothly, featured outstanding graphics, and presented quite a worthy challenge. Isnít it strange that other first-person shooters couldnít build on that? Killing Time, while a fine and vast game suffered from some serious choppiness and VERY long periods of inactivity (one of the few games you actually wished dead bad guys would regenerate). Doom for the 3DO was a complete shambles, probably the most sluggish version of that game to appear anywhere.

Then thereís this mistake. Cyberdillo attempts to be different by offering "funny" backgrounds and enemy design. Youíre in the 1970ís! Thatís gotta be funny! Youíre in a psychotic playland! Oh har de har har! Now look, game designers... lissen up! I donít ever want to see another fucking "farting" bad guy in a game. Got that? And here are some other bad things in Cyberdillo that you I had better not catch you thinking about using again: lava lamps, urine, barf, dog butts... oh yeah, and armadillos, too.

Iíd like to say something redeeming about this game but unfortunately there is so much pixellation that I could barely make out what was even going on. And I played sixteen levels! Chunky, stupid, hard on the eyes and not at all interesting. Pass, big time.


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