Cool Spot

Game Gear

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 9

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 8


Cool Spot (UE) [!]-01.gif (4461 bytes)For a portable 8-bit console, this Game Gear version of the excellent Cool Spot is a surprising achievement. The graphics are the initial stunner, followed by an accurate reproduction of Tommy Tallarico's light soundtrack, and then the spot-on gameplay. This is a classic platformer in any form, and while there are some new annoyances in this trimmed translation, it still captures the spirit of the original.

For an advertising mascot, Spot can handle himself pretty well. His jumping skills are great for the game, always under control and fun to play with. His only form of attack is to fire off bubbles at the various creatures impending his path. With multi-directional firing, this is an easy task.

Level design was some of the best on the home consoles, and it's not as memorable here. Entire segments have been cut, and it weakens the otherwise time-tested levels. To compensate for the resolution drop (and maintain all the little details) Spot's view of the world is crammed onto the screen. Hazards are hard, if not impossible to see in time.

There are new pitfalls too, barely present in other versions of the title. There's no indication as to what's a pit and what's a drop off to the next section of the game. That, combined with the claustrophobic view, leads to obvious problems.

They're worth dealing with, especially since the game is such a nice, fun little platformer. As mentioned, the jumping mechanics always leave the player feeling in control, even during a long drop. A password system would not have hurt either given the portability of the console.

While not brimming with major flaws, Cool Spot does lose a little of its special "something" in this format. It's lucky then that it was such a wonderful game to begin with. Even though it doesn't contain everything that made it great, the few deletions just add a few frustrating moments in what is a large game overall. It all balances in the end.


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