Chrono Cross


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 9

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 9

Any RPG fan with a SNES knew Chrono Trigger. The seamless time-travel plot, ingenious play mechanics, and some awesome mode 7 effects make this one quite the collectors item nowadays. The sequel, Chrono Cross, takes all of that (minus the mode 7 of course), improves on everything, and has emerged as the best RPG in about two years.

The game starts off with a tremendous CGI intro showcasing some of the best the game has to offer. Brilliant CGI fills the game, but unlike some other Square RPG series, this one doesn't rely on these to make it great. The rest of the game showcases a magnificent color selection and some decent texture work, especially on the larger boss enemies.

Right off the bat, the game's storyline kicks into overdrive. Anything I say could spoil the shocking revelations that occur early on, but just take our word on this one. Character development moves along swiftly and with over 35 possible characters available to your party, you'll play through this game more than once just to try them all.

The battle system is so well conceived, it easily eclipses anything before it. It is so deep, there are simply too many factors to list within this space. This is the first RPG that this reviewer can think of where turn based combat is simply tossed out the window and instead challenges the player to on pace attacks and conserve stamina to succeed. This can prove to be quite difficult as you'll quickly succumb to the game's mind-blowing orchestrated soundtrack.

Unlike some other games on this site (*cough* Blue Lightning *cough*) this one lives up to it's roots. Even if you're not a fan of RPG's, there is no better way to become a fan than with this game. 2 discs packed with some of the most glorious graphics, sound, and CGI you'll ever witness, it's simply too irresistible (if not simply addictive) to put down until it's been completely finished. Not only is this a must- purchase, but the game must be treated with the utmost respect as Square may have finally produced the world's only perfect RPG.


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Last updated: Sunday, January 04, 2004 08:12 AM