Cellfan Vinyl Skins

Xbox 360/Various

Review by Ken Edwards


Console skin

Overall: 9


Cellfan is yet another place that sells skins for gaming and mobile devices. But these skins are not made out of stickers; they are made out of vinyl. Cellfan lists skins for hundreds of mobile phone brands, a multitude of laptop manufacturers, as well as MP3 players, PDAs, and of course game consoles. If you look hard enough you will even find skins for a Mac mini and a TiVo.

Right now Xbox 360 faceplates seem to be a hot commodity, and Cellfan is not about to let such a skinnable device slide by without attention.

At first I thought Cellfan only offered Star Wars Xbox 360 faceplate skins, but in fact they offer more. I suggest sending them an email to find out for sure before you buy. Right now you can choose from Star Wars, sports (not MLB or Ali), collegiate, art, flags, music (not Metallica, Zepplin, or Cobain), military, comic, and StyleSkins — only the artwork for the Star Wars faceplate skins shows up on the web site right now.

We looked at an Xbox 360 faceplate skin, and a 15" PowerBook skin. The amount of brand names and designs available are staggering. Cellfan is also working on adding more brands in the future, such as Marvel, NFL, and Pink Floyd.

The Star Wars "Clone 03" skin is the most appealing of the bunch. But they have many Star Wars skins to choose from, including Darth Vader and Yoda. For my PowerBook I chose a Chicago White Sox skin, but there are many more options to chose from.

These skins are printed on 3M Scotchcal high performance automotive grade film. They have patented adhesive that sticks and re-sticks, but does not leave residue when you take them off. Additionally, the skins have a clear-coat finish to them.

Considering how "fun" these skins are to put on correctly, I figured I was in for a long lesson in frustration. This was not the case at all. Using the white faceplate that came with my Xbox 360, (since I have another one now) it took no more than five minutes to apply the skin. It was very easy to reposition sections as needed. Since it is vinyl, you can stretch it — and this is the key. Everything fits correctly after repositioning, stretching, and repositioning some more. I could not be happier with how painless it was to apply to my Xbox 360 faceplate skin.

The White Sox skin for my PowerBook was a cinch since it is square, and most importantly because of no curved surfaces. The Apple logo is the only cutout in the skin. Again, repositioning was a breeze.

The print quality of these skins is top-notch and very crisp. I think I will be purchasing a skin for my Nintendo DS too, as I am getting tired of the flat gray cover.


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Last updated: Sunday, March 19, 2006 11:58 PM