Captain Silver

Sega Master System

Review by Keith Erickson

Data East


Graphics: 6

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 6

Overall: 6

If you own the US version of Captain Silver, you may have looked at the back of the box and said to yourself "Hey, I don't remember seeing a witch in level 1." or "Hey, who's that bald guy with the knife on the pirate ship, I've never seen him before!"  You might have also looked in the instruction manual, and noticed it said the game has 6 rounds, where as the box only says it has 4,  and that the listing of enemies is twice as long as what's actually in the game.

And upon finishing the game, you may have said to yourself "Man, that was way too easy, and why the hell did the town and jungle levels end so abruptly?  It seems like something's missing.", it's because, well... it IS missing something, an entire Megabit!

For some reason, Sega, or possibly Tonka decided to cut Captain Silver down from two megabits, to just one so they could save a few bucks.  In the process, they turned a pretty decent game into a pretty poor one.  Fortunately, in Europe, they released the full two megabit version, and double fortunately, we in the US can play nearly all the European Sega Master System games on our US systems perfectly, without any adapters or modifications to our systems.

So, you're probably wondering what all was chopped out of the game and made different in the US version?  Well, there's:

Level 1: Pumpkins fall differently from the trees, the sewer rat is missing, the bats don't shoot, the first witch is missing, and the boss witch with her digitized cackle are missing.

Level 2: The bald knife throwing pirate is missing, and the "black beard" pirates don't shoot.

Level 3: The entire level was cut from the US version.  In this level, you ride on a row boat avoiding bats, flying fish, and sea gulls, and land on the island where you fight a rock throwing cyclops.

Level 4: this level was also cut.  You go through a cave in this level, fighting skeletons, frogs, bats, and some kind of ghost/smoke enemies that aren't mentioned in the instruction manual.  You then find a few treasure chests, and end the level by fighting a fire breathing dragon.

Level 5: The native bowmen and piranha enemies are missing, and the boss "Banana King" is not present.

Level 6: The first half of this level is missing, which is a dense jungle full of butterflies, eagles, and black panthers, all of which were cut from the US version.

Ending: After you defeat Captain Silver, the US version rewards you with some text, but the European ending is filled with pictures as well as the text, and tops it all off with a full screen "the end" picture.

Sure, the full two-megabit version of Captain Silver isn't the greatest game ever, but the additional enemies and levels add alot to the game, turning a mediocre, overly-easy game into a moderately difficult, yet enjoyable experience.  If you liked the US version of Captain Silver, you owe it to yourself to give the European version a try.

Now, you're probably thinking "Man, half of the game was taken out?!  That sucks, we got hosed!", well there was one thing we in the US got that those in Europe didn't:

Better box art!


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