Cadash Turbografx-16
Review by Kevin Oleniacz Working Designs RPG
Graphics: 8 Sound: 6 Gameplay: 8 Overall: 8

Cadash is the latest arcade translation to enter the T16 market. Following the well-known theme of rescuing the princess from the clutches of evil, battle your way through five continents in this action/RPG contest. Select any one of four characters to control: the swift ninja; the strong sword-wielding fighter; the priest whose specialty is defensive magic; or the mage who is endowed with offensive magic. Confront a wide array of creatures such as skeletons, pigmen, and deadly hands that emerge from the earth. Upgrade your weapons, purchase medicine and antidotes, recover magic and hit points at an inn, or collect information while visiting towns. Search for keys and other special items in order to pass through certain areas.

This adventure may initially seem frustrating, especially since there aren't any continues, save features, or game options. In order to complete your quest one must continually build up your character's magic and hit points by slaying monsters. I found it impossible to venture very far into the game unless I built up my character early by continually moving back and forth in certain areas, slaying creatures which constantly regenerate. I find the most rewarding area to attempt this in on a slope on the second continent, where the bone-chucking creatures populate.

This cart contains very smooth control and displays some of the best graphics I've seen for this system. The music is also very good but the sound effects are weak. Cadash boasts plenty of action and a favorable challenge for veteran gamers.

TIP: In the second cave, climb down the first rope and pass through the door submerged in water. Traveling under the sea will lead you near the portal to the third continent. Remember to pick up the mermaid scales or this shortcut will become fatal.


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Last updated: Sunday, June 08, 2003 12:00 AM