Burning Fight


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 7

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 5

Overall: 6

Once you begin to think about it, Burning Fight could be a decent game. I mean, if Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, Riot Zone, Rival Turf, Brawl Bothers, Growl, Mutation Nation, Ninja Gaiden, Peace Keepers, Death and Return of Superman, Batman Returns, Renegade, Combatribes, River City Ransom, Guardian Heroes, Sonic Blast Man, The Tick, Vigilante, Bad Dudes, Fighting Force, Golden Axe, and Sengoku never existed, then yeah, this game would be a highly original fighter with intriguing characters and decent gameplay. However, the above games do exist and this where every problem with this game begins.

Now that you have viewed the above list, consider the cliché's the vast majority of those games contain and now answer these questions, all which not only pertain to those, but Burning Fight as well.

1. Why are deadly weapons always hidden inside heavy metal barrels?
2. Why is there always one slow guy, one medium speed guy, and one super fast guy?
3. Why do the bosses always have "butt bounce attacks?"
4. Why is there always a level on top of a speeding train/truck?
5. Why do weapons always disappear when moving onto the next screen? 6. Where do all these guys come from anyway?
7. Why do the fat guys always charge and the skinny guys slide?
8. Why would you throw a knife instead of holding on to it?
9. Why in the hell wouldn't you take a weapon into a battle this big?
10. Why does the lead character always wear a wife-beater and torn jeans?
11. Why do all enemies blink before dying?
12. How many cities in the world could be taken over by mass gangs?
13. How would you know how much "life" your enemy has left?
14. How can an enemy take 4 hits on one screen to get KO'ed and then 3 screens later the same guy takes take 16?
15. How can you smash a car/other large object completely using only your non-padded fists?
16. Why wouldn't the lead character simply drive to the bosses hideout (since he most likely knows where it's located), simply avoiding all the trouble?
17. Why does it always take 2 buttons to pull off a "super" move?
18. Why do "super" moves hurt the character who did it?
19. Where is everyone else who lives in these cities while all of this is going on?
20. Why can only 2 people combat the thousands of enemies?

Yes faithful readers, every one of those is in Burning Fight, quite possibly the most generic side-scroller ever conceived. Granted, it's certainly playable, but trust me....you've played this one before.

(Special thanks to the Roundtable members who helped with the list of side-scrollers in the beginning of this review!)


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