Bruce Lee Story

Game Gear

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 5

Sound: 2

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 3

To determine whether or not Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story on the Sega Game Gear is an accurate representation of Bruce Lee's life or a game that closely follows the movie in which it is based, we here at Digital Press have whipped up a simple quiz of yes or no questions. Please read the following questions carefully to ensure accuracy.  
  1. Do you remember when Bruce Lee fought the 9 1/2 foot tall sailor man who threw chains at him? Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (UE) [!]-01.gif (5981 bytes)
  2. Do you recall how Bruce Lee had only 5 offensive moves at his disposal?
  3. When Bruce Lee was filming "The Big Boss," do you remember when he had to dodge moving saw blades and punch massive ice blocks onto his enemies?
  4. Can you recall how all of Bruce Lee's enemies followed simplistic patterns of running left to right, consistently walking right past Bruce without attacking?
  5. Remember when Bruce was having lunch with his wife and he was attacked by a rouge band of ninjas and had to traverse the deadly port side, filled with spikes, pits and rampaging chefs?
  6. Can you recall the time Bruce's enemies, all skilled ninjas armed with throwing stars, jumped into spike pits to their doom, unable to exit?
  7. Do you remember how Bruce couldn't get off any of his trademarked moves due to a pitiful control scheme?
  8. Remember how all of Bruce Lee's movies never featured any music?
  9. At the end of "Big Boss," can you recall the seven foot tall karate champion who tossed ice blocks at Bruce while constantly jumping to higher platforms?
  10. And finally, can you recall how Bruce Lee always wore baby blue pants with no shirt and had no identifiable muscles?

All of the above situations occur in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. If you have answered no to the above questions (which you should have), then you understand that Dragon on the Sega Game Gear is a rather poor attempt at recreating the great martial artists life. None of the actions in this game will seem to be familiar to any Bruce Lee fan and they should quickly come to the assumption that Acclaim was abusing the license. Thank you for your time in completing our quiz. Have a pleasant day. -Digital Press


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Last updated: Monday, September 26, 2005 02:06 PM