Bounty Bob Strikes Back

Atari 5200

Review by Doug Jackson

Big Five


Graphics: 8

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 9.5


This review is a tribute to the gaming brilliance of Bill Hogue, the programmer of this wonderful game. Bounty Bob Strikes Back is so well rounded, has so much depth, and the attention to detail is astonishing. There isn't too much back then that had as many small features and little things that add up to so much. This game features a very detailed credits screen, a high score screen where you can enter your name with some very amusing animations, and plenty of warps and Easter eggs to keep you coming back for more.

bountybobstrikesback5200.gif (3836 bytes)I will admit that I was skeptical at first sight with playing this game, I paid $200 for this game off of eBay and when I started playing it for the first time, was beginning to be disappointed. I loved Miner 2049er and I couldn't get anywhere in this game even with experience of the prequel. After 15 minutes or so of playing, I started to get the hang of it.

I just wasn't ready for the level of depth that this game has compared to the first one once I figured that out I loved the game. Each stage is VERY HARD and requires a lot of fast thinking to beat the timer. Clever jumping and good enemy dodging is only half of the battle. You have to plan out a path to take in order to complete each screen.

One thing that I loved though is the fact that you could press up and down to enter a door now instead of pressing the number on the keypad. I haven't seen all 15 stages but the ones I've seen were amazing to behold. Graphics aren't top notch but are still pretty to look at and the pallet swapped colors each time you lose a life is a nice touch.

I wouldn't recommend this game for the faint of heart or if you get frustrated with hard games because it will take hours of playing to figure out this entire game. Otherwise track this gem down because it's more than worth it.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 12:43 AM