Review by Matt Paprocki


Xtreme Sports

Graphics: 7

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 6

Overall: 6

Can a game get anymore controversial than this? Multiple companies have refused to carry the game, some say the "M" rating isn't enough, and others think it's exactly what the industry needed. Very few games have ever succeeded when so much attention has been given to the, uh, other "aspects" of the game. BMX XXX performs admirably considering the pressure, but hardly breaks any major ground as far as the genre is concerned.

Yes, there's nudity. Yes, the language is coarse. However, neither of these make the game any better. We still have a basic BMX game based on tricks and challenges that other games have done and done better. The basic engine is ripped right from Dave Mirra and only removes the time limit, now a common practice among other games. Oh, the graphics and sound? Well, the game looks exactly like Dave Mirra and the soundtrack is ripped right from the other 40 or so extreme sports games.

The control is decent, the graphics on par, and the tricks have all been seen before. So, why the big deal? The big draw in the game is the nudity and language. Anyone who buys the game for these reasons are bound to be disappointed. You'd be better off in a quarter booth on the corner. The videos are not only hard to unlock, only a few show off the after mentioned "assets" the game has become famous for. The topless rider is a novelty that must be seen (and even harder to unlock), but getting excited over something like that means your either 8 years old or really lonely. Plus, of all the genre's to "push the envelope," why the extreme sports genre? Oh that's right, it's popular and a money maker….duh.

As a GAMER, I'll have to admit that the gameplay really isn't that bad. It's the exact same engine used in Dave Mirra 2 with little or no improvements. The camera is still buggy and grinding on rails is way too easy. The thing is that most people who pick this game up won't care about this stuff anyway. Of course, once those people find out that 90% of this "extra" content is locked away under nearly impossible challenges, most will move on.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:16 PM