Bloody Wolf


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 8

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 8.5

Overall: 8


Back in the days of games like Ikari Warriors, Midnight Resistance, Mercs, and of course the beloved Contra, numerous games like these were lost in the shuffle. While the vast majority of these copycats would be better off forgotten all together, Bloody Wolf was an unfortunate casualty. Put out on a console not well received by the masses, it just didn't get the exposure it needed, something that not only could've saved the game, but the console as well.

Every enemy who takes a shot throws his hand in the air, blood flowing freely from their open wound. This is a rare occurrence in these "one man army" games from the era, and a welcome feature. Some of the bosses are simply overwhelming, including a classic battle with a helicopter.

Each of the sprites are relatively well animated, but they suffer from some severe slowdown and substantial amounts of flicker. Once the screen gets crowded, there is no need for a slow-motion feature, it's provided. The music is impressive, but the generic sound effects are nothing but standard.

The challenge level, even with the unlimited continues, is still quite high. The shocking twist at the half-way point of the game is simply outstanding. After tackling a huge array of enemies, your captured along with the president your trying to rescue. Going in yet again with the second character, you'll be required to rescue both. Taking the president through heavy enemy fire while keeping both of you alive is an adrenalin rush of epic proportions.

If you've never used the TurboGrafx-16' turbo feature, something more controllers should offer standard, be prepared to for a crash course. With the exception of classic shooters like Blazing Lazers, there has never been a better reason to use it. Jumping is an occasional issue thanks to the awkward view, but the pin-point controls are otherwise spot on. The lack of a 2-player mode is a major disappointment, but this allows for the shocking story twist to work.

Very few HUcards contain this much action. The nearly awe-inspiring mix of stunning graphics, pumping soundtrack, and blood make this one an all around package worth tracking down. The lack of a 2-player mode, slightly infuriating slowdown, and floaty jumping may make a few people shy away, but these people are missing an experience. By far one of the better games for all too short lived Turbo.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:16 PM