NFL Blitz 2001

Nintendo 64

Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 7

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 6


nflblitz20011n64.jpg (23126 bytes)Barely an upgrade, the final edition of NFL Blitz on the N64 is forgettable. The graphics, sound, and gameplay were upgraded on the Dreamcast, and if that's an option, go there. If not, this is the best Blitz for the console, just not for any gameplay reasons.

Even when the concept was worn out, Blitz, much like its predecessor NBA Jam, never becomes boring. The brutal, rough, and oftentimes hilarious on-field play is fun. It's hard to believe the NFL actually let some of this through without protest. It's a classic franchise for a reason.

On the N64, the game was plagued by blurry, low-resolution graphics. Those were only the beginnings of the problems, which ended up including slowdown and frame rate stutters. For the first time, the game offers expansion pak support. The graphics and resolution remain a problem, but with the added memory, the game runs steady and smooth. Audio is also cleaner, without the scratchiness usually associated with carts.

That makes this the best playing version of the series on the console by a very slim margin. It should be noted though that any major differences are aesthetic. The 30-yeards per four downs, on-fire feature, and playbook are the same. There are no new moves or control options. New endzone celebrations should never be considered sufficient for an upgrade.

nflblitz20012n64.jpg (24103 bytes)Off the field is where small changes happen. Season play is available, and this year, it's available for multiple players. This is a perfect feature for a game that goes by so quickly, allowing anyone involved to take their own team against friends through the standard season into the playoffs. The party mode is the only other new addition, basically masquerading as an unnecessary training mode. The only enjoyable one is first and goal.

Whether or not this entry of Blitz is worth it depends on how affectionate you are to the Blitz series. There's no question it's fun. It always has been. The updates make the difference, and what they've done here barely qualifies.


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