Batman Returns

Game Gear/SMS

Review by Clint Dyer



Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 6

Batman Returns (JUE) [a1]-01.gif (5905 bytes)The Game Gear version of Batman Returns is a direct port of the Sega Master System version (or the other way around, I'm not sure which), so they are basically the same game, except that unless you have special hardware, you're playing the Game Gear version on a much smaller screen.

Overall, this game was an incredible let down. In fact, almost all games that centered on this movie were incredibly disappointing. The graphics in the SMS/GG version are really nothing special and certainly not as good as the graphics on the NES version of the game.

It doesn't suffer as badly as the NES version from flicker, but if it weren't for a couple of really cool looking bosses, the NES version would walk hand and foot all over this version. The only thing that saves this cart (somewhat) is that the gameplay is fun. The controls are easy to pull off, and you can do a bit more than your average side scrolling game -- throwing batarangs, using a rope to swing, etc. That being said, though, is exactly what this game is -- an average side scrolling game, with a few cool moves thrown in to hide the fact that it is average at best. Batman Returns (UE)-01.gif (7916 bytes)

If you're desperate for a Batman game to play on a portable system, I'd play this one over the Lynx version, but only because this one isn't as frustratingly hard.

* Note: The screen on the left is from the Game Gear version. On the right is the Master System.


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