Bank Panic

Sega Master System

Review by Clint Dyer


Target Shooting




Overall: 8

This is one of the few card games Iíve played that I actually liked! The object is simple. Shoot a certain number of bad guys before the timer runs out while protecting customers who are depositing money in the bank. Each level gets harder and harder and the bank robbers you have to hit come faster and faster.

In order to complete levels, there are several things you have to keep an eye on. At the top of the screen, there are indicators that tell you which of the 12 doors the bank robbers are going to appear behind and when they are going to be there. A marker points to how close a bad guy is to the door, and you have to go to the correct screen before the bad guy gets the customerís money. Also at the top of the screen, is a timer that tells you how long you have before the round ends. If it runs out, you lose and have to start over again. The action in the game takes place in the middle of the screen, where the doors are. Each screen has 3 doors on it, and the doors open up to reveal Bank Robbers, customers or innocent bystanders. Shoot the bank robbers and a customer will appear and give you money or power-ups. If you take too long, the bank robber shoots you or if you shoot an innocent bystander, you lose a life. In addition, sometimes, customers will appear holding up their hands. To get past these guys, you have to wait a few seconds and the bank robber will appear, then you have to shoot him.

Control in the game is very interesting. Since the SMS control pad only has 2 buttons, they used them for the right (button B) and middle (button A) door and in order to shoot at the left door, you have to press right on the controller. It was pretty difficult to get down hitting a direction to shoot, but once I did, it was natural. Itís simple, challenging and contains enough variety to keep the game moving along nicely!


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:16 PM