Review by Keita Iida

Pony Canyon


Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 3

Remember Super Pitfall, the disastrous version of the 2600 classic done by Pony Canyon? Remember how you felt like ripping the heads off of Pony Canyon's development team for making one of the most atrocious sequels of all time? Then maybe you shouldn't try Ballblazer for the Famicom, because this time you'll grant them no mercy.

For those who are unfamiliar the game, Ballblazer is a mechanized sport of the future that matches two athletes, each riding a light and maneuverable craft called a rotofoil. Each side's rotofoil cruises over the checkerboard playfield in a first-person view, trying to capture an elusive ball and either carry or blast it through the other contestant's goal pylons. On defense, the rotofoil is employed like a hockey or soccer goalie.

If you're expecting this Pony Canyon port to match Atari's offerings on the 5200 and 7800, you're in for a major letdown. The scrolling is incredibly choppy due in part to the low frame rate. In addition, the frantic pace has been slowed to a crawl, making it play more like a simulation than an in-your-face arcade action game. And the tremendous music and sound quality that was a trademark in prior versions of Ballblazer has been significantly watered down. Only die-hard NES and Famicom collectors will want this one.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:16 PM