Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 10

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 10


asteroids17800.gif (1924 bytes)It's hard to find enough good stuff to say about this amazing classic on steroids. This is one of the few games to show the true capabilities of the 7800 as Asteroids looks absolutely terrific. Not only do they have multiple colors, there are also craters visible in each one and they rotate very smoothly. When shot, they break apart and you can see crumbs and dust. Everything is drawn and flows extremely smooth and there's no flicker, which is something found on most every earlier home version.

The sound effects have all been cleaned up to 7800 standards and are enjoyable to listen to. They never grow tedious as the game progresses.

The best part may come with the ease of the game play. There are four difficulty levels, along with single player, two player alternating, co-op, and competition. Co-op is especially fun as both players play at the same time and share the score.

This is all a nice break over the 2600 version which had so many options they were hard to remember what they are all for. The game gives you and extra ship at every 10,000 points and at 20,000 points, the flying saucer shrinks, shoots faster, and becomes harder to hit. The asteroids also break into more pieces later on to add to the fray. Like I mentioned before, this is a great remake to a timeless classic and should be enjoyed by everyone who owns an Atari 7800. Go out and spend the whopping buck or two for this cart and enjoy.


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Last updated: Monday, June 26, 2006 12:54 PM