Army Men: Sarge's Heroes


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 5

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 6.5

Overall: 6

armymensargesheros4.bmp (921654 bytes)The Army Men series began on the PC as a respectable RTS game, but has since deteriorated into a mess of cheaply produced action games. While Sarge's Heroes is far from the worst of the recent crop, it still doesn't bring the series out from it's rut.

Expansion Pak support has been added to this edition on the N64, but there seems to no difference in performance. The high and low-res modes both feature blurry, choppy graphics. Putting the game into it's wide screen mode doesn't even do a whole lot either. Considering the graphics aren't all that prominent to begin with, this is really inexcusable.

It seems as if the game is actually controlling itself sometimes. The analog sensitivity doesn't allow for walking and it's impossible to stop on a dime while running. The addition of auto-aiming is a plus and it makes the touchiness tolerable in light battles. Pounding drum beats fill the sound field but the annoying screams coming from defeated soldiers gets annoying after the first few times. You also have to wonder why tanks rumble so loudly considering that their made out of plastic.

armymensargesheros6.bmp (921654 bytes)While the game does provide a few laughs, it still fails to bring back memories of frying, crushing, blowing up, slaughtering, and ripping limbs off of the little green plastic guys. The missions inside the house show a change in the series, one that is desperately needed from the already stale series. But please 3DO, no more sequels unless you really play around with the formula!


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Last updated: Friday, September 30, 2005 09:33 PM