Army Men Air Attack


Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 5

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7

Admit it. With nearly a dozen or so Army Men games on the market already, they had to get at least ONE right didn't they? Army Men: Air Attack is the closest thing to a success that 3DO has had in quite some time, but that still doesn't mean it's that great.

The game supports the expansion pack, but it's hard to tell why. The ludicrously blurry and low-res graphics do very little to help 3DO's trademark series take off. Some of the smaller enemies blend right into their surroundings, and it's not due to camouflage. The environments range from backyard picnics to hostile army battlefields. The look definitely helps bring these scenarios alive, but still can't save it from a sub-par rating in this category.

Controlling your airship is a snap as the N64 controller provides everything you need. Aiming with your main weapons is all done automatically and with homing missiles on your side, there's hardly ever a reason to move your 'copter. The variety of weapons available to the player also keeps things interesting and give the game more replay value.

Multi-player makes for some decent party games, but their won't hold your interest (or your friends) for very long, much like the game sounds. The garbled voices and highly muted explosions don't help this situation much either. With so much going on at one time, this game should be one of the best sounding games in the history of the console.

Even with the games numerous flaws (much like the rest of the Army Men series), it's still very playable. The thrills and the challenge may be limited, but the fun factor is the highest it's ever been for the series. It's took 3DO way too long, but at least this game shows some progress. As a side note, the PSX version is also quite satisfactory. For those without a N64, this version has all of the same features, but the graphics have slightly lower resolution. Either way, for those people who actually still anticipate new Army Men titles, this one is a definite must-play.


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Last updated: Sunday, February 08, 2004 12:42 PM