Alien Brigade

Atari 7800

Review by Kevin Oleniacz



Graphics: 9

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 9

Overall: 9

Alien Brigade is a fine example of a well-constructed 7800 title with all the qualities of a top-notch arcade game. Rather than adding another run-of-the-mill galactic shooter, Atari designed a first-person rescue mission along the lines of Operation: Wolf and its ilk.

alienbrigade.gif (9320 bytes)Your goal is to mutilate the aliens patrolling the surroundings. Some are disguised as friendly soldiers and are easily distinguished by their slow gait. Others operate helicopters, river boats, tanks, and other military vehicles. Along the way, you can gather ammo, weapons, energy, and food rations as well as rescue hostages. If you can survive the five scenarios (jungle camp, river resort, underwater, cave, and mountain base) and defeat the queen alien, all of mankind will be saved.

Undoubtedly, the challenge is here. You can't get a moment's break from the constant barrage of alien attacka. The enemy displays a number of mannerisms and tactics, such as ducking in doorways and appearing up-close in your face. For the most part the graphics are cartoony, but well defined. They even appear comical at times. The sound effects are par for the course. Since the embedded circuitry of the Atari 7800 does not possess extraordinary audio capabilities, my expectations weren't very high.

The reason why I give this shooter high ratings is due to the incredible gameplay. Although repetitious in nature, the selection of weapons along with a high volume of activity and very pleasing graphics support this exceptional effort by Atari. I could pop this cart in at any time, time and time again without getting bored.

alienbrigade_2.gif (9721 bytes)In addition to a selection of arms, specialty weapons are equipped within certain scenarios. For example, a dart gun is available only during the underwater sequence. Returning to reality, one has the option of utilizing either a joystick (to guide an onscreen crosshair) or a light gun. Since no light gun was designed specifically for the 7800, the Atari XE model will do. Unlike many light-gun games, the response is fast and accurate. I would recommend the light gun approach in a session of Alien Brigade.

My gripe, albeit a minor one, is that in some instances its impossible to avoid getting shot, as several bullets fly at you instantaneously. I can almost guarantee that no gamer will grow weary after a few sittings of Alien Brigade!


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