Atari 5200

Review by Edward Villalpando



Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 5.5

ae.gif (7166 bytes)A.E. is one of the few prototypes auctioned by Best Electronics. It is a shooting contest similar to the Namco classic Galaga. Enemies come in formation, swirling across the screen. Shooting an enemy consists of pressing and holding the fire button, thus launching a missile charge. Then you can let go of the fire button, allowing the charge to explode. It’s a clever idea, and it takes time to get used to but at least for the time it was original. To advance to higher levels you must get 3 "perfect" waves cleared, meaning three formations must be destroyed. Each level is drawn-in by the computer. While I think they were trying to IMPRESS us with the drawing and filling, the graphics are dull and grainy, and it seems to take longer watching it this way.

Going from level to level takes longer than I care for. It ruins any momentum you get. Also, sometimes the background graphics distract from the matter at hand, as you can’t always see your own fire, much less your enemies. Although I don’t own the Atari 800 diskette version of A.E., I have to assume this is a direct port, common for the time.


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