Adventures of Tron

Atari 2600

Review by Doug Jackson

M Network


Graphics: 8

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8.5


Mattel released plenty of inferior Intellivision games on the 2600 in their day. Fortunately, Adventures of Tron breaks that mold. The game starts out quite hard but is enjoyable to play. All of the sound effects fit and are some of the best on the console. It features a nicely designed title screen with a flashing rainbow style background.

advoftron2600.gif (1818 bytes)The game graphics are fitting but do have some room for improvement. The player is very detailed and well animated. It has many colors and items to collect. The enemies are detailed but feature only one color each. Every few enemies they'll change to a different color.

Gameplay is what makes this enjoyable. It's your standard platform fare but has some twists to keep it challenging. You have four floors, an elevator on each side of the screen, and a beam in the center. You have to collect the items on each level and then hit the beam in the center to exit the stage.

Once you go up an elevator to the next floor you have to cross the center beam to make the elevators work again. You can drop a level by pressing down to avoid enemies. One of the items is replaced by an arrow, and if hit right, will carry you across the screen to avoid enemies. A few stages into the game, tanks will start coming out and firing often making the challenge level high. This is a worthy entry to the 2600 library and worth owning for gameplay.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 12:29 AM