Addams Family Values

Super NES

Review by E Olsen



Graphics: 7

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7

Addams Family Values was a forgotten gem among the 800 or so games on the SNES. During my first few years of my video game playing, I spent a lot of my time playing this game. It is an action game that has a mix of puzzle, strategy, and adventure mixed in with it. If you come across this game I advise you get it because though it may cause some frustration, it is still a fun game.

In this game, the evil Debby Jelinsky has married into the Addams family hoping to get rich and knock off her knew husband. Fester proved to be harder to knock off than she though so Debby kidnapped the newest edition in the Addams family, baby Pubert. Now Fester, Gomez, Morticia, Granny, Wednesday, Pugsly, Thing, Lurch & Cousin Itt must move quickly to find Baby Pubert and put an end to Debby's madness.

You play as Uncle Fester in this one. To help you in your mission to find Baby Pubert, Fester has the power to shoot lighting bolts out of his hand. At the beginning of each game, you are given three skulls standing for your life. Once you are hit by an enemy, a white skull will turn red, then after another hit, disappears. Once all three disappear, you get a game over. As you start loosing lives, your lighting bolt attack will get smaller and less powerful. After beating a boss, or at other parts of the game you can receive a fourth skull and so on. Luckily, every once in a while you can get beetle cookies that will recover all of your health.

This game calls for a lot of exploration and some logical thinking. You will go through different parts of the Addamsís world, completing different tasks in order to progress in the game. In most of the tasks you have to complete will call for you to go very far out of your way to get certain tools and items. This can get aggravating but only increases the challenge level in this game.

One other flaw in this game is that you canít save. The only way to continue is to get a password from your cousin Itt. Itt appears very few times in this game and is usually hard to find. He is usually hidden in the edge of a swamp where you would never look. The only way I beat this game was in one long sitting. The other thing about passwords that I donít like is that the passwords are usually very long and hard to read. They are about fifty characters long and Gís look like 6ís and Iís look like 1ís. This game is the second in a series of three for the SNES. Fortunately or not, this game is really nothing like The Addams Family, also on the SNES. To me this game is much better than that one, but I havenít played the third in the series yet to know what it is like.

Graphics were average for a SNES game. The colors were well decided and are pretty vivid. Everything looked really smooth and nothing was blocky.

The sound is also average. There is a creepy background music, which adds to the mood of the game, and so do the sound effects. I especially like the background music and have to give it lots of respect.

This game is very fun and addictive. For some reason, this game just makes you want to play it and beat it. There are lots of cool items that help you and are strange. The controls are very responsive. You can dodge things easily and without any trouble at all.

I spent most of my Super Nintendo playing when I was young on this game. I donít play it that much anymore, but it definitely will last you a while when you get it. Iím sure Iíll never get rid of this game because Iím sure I will always find memories and fun in it.

Overall this is a good game. If you come across it you should definitely buy it. It has a lot of replay value and good graphics, sound, and concept.


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Last updated: Sunday, March 28, 2004 07:13 AM