Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 9

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7


Taz-Mania is one of those games created from its graphics engine. At the time, it was unique, spinning the camera behind the player as they barrel down a highway. Now, it's certainly lost some of its graphical prowess, but none of its charm.

tazmania1.bmp (171290 bytes)Gameplay is simple, with no way to attack or fight. The concept is easy to pick up immediately: eat. You're looking for yellow chicks that are strolling around as you attempt to dodge traffic to eat enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of Taz. Other birds fly around, offering extra time to complete the task or health is a car ended up being an obstacle you failed to dodge.

There's no advancement here past something Bump 'n Jump, even though the viewpoint deviates from the norm. Certain areas will slow Taz down; others will stop him cold if you fail to avoid the hazards. In the classic Warner Bros. style, you'll have to get Taz up when he's smashed like an accordion, complete with audio and animation to complete the illusion.

Controls are perfect, and when you've done something wrong, you'll know it's your fault. Taz responds quickly and accurately, even if the viewpoint doesn't always offer the best look at upcoming hazards. On hills, you're blind, unable to see above or below. It's not a completely common trouble spot, but one significant enough to be a legitimate complaint.

tazmania2.bmp (171290 bytes)Music sounds a generation behind. However, it's composed lightly, and it makes for a nice backdrop to the fast movement on screen. The personality of the character shows right through, and not moving him results in some funny stand still animation. His garbled growl is captured perfectly. As far as gameplay is concerned, this could be any character. With these extra touches though, it does become Taz-Mania.

With all the failed attempts at Looney Tune games, this is a surprise. It's not just a quick cash-in platformer, but also a unique ride that uses the character to put it on familiar ground. It's not a great game or even a classic. It's just one of those games with a lot of charm, and that carries it over the simple, average gameplay.


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Last updated: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 04:53 PM