Review by Matt Paprocki



Graphics: 8

Sound: 8

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 7


Sheer simplicity at work is a great way to describe Rampage in any incarnation. This enjoyable monster romp has been translated to more systems than it probably ever should have. The Lynx translation differs itself with an extra character (Larry the Lab Rat), offers four players with link cables, and all new graphics.

rampagelynx1.gif (8099 bytes)That makes this version worth tracking down for fans, though players who shun the games obvious repetitive nature won't have their minds changed by this. You still choose a monster, head into a city, and destroy every building regardless of size. This is simply done by climbing and bashing.

This version zooms in on the action, giving the sprites a nice sense of size, especially since they take up almost half the screen. It also shows off the nice detailing on each of the beasts. That also creates problems, notably that it's hard (and most of the time impossible) to see where your attacker is located.

That goes for both multi and single player. It's not that Rampage requires some deep skill to maneuver around each shell fired at the creatures, but it's frustrating when only mono audio cues provide any indication a shot has been fired. This one is also desperately asking for a password system, since it obviously requires an exuberant amount of levels to be cleared.

Music has been changed, with a few separate tunes fitting in with each stage's action. None of this has been taken from the arcade game. It's all original. Purists will be frustrated; everyone else will be pleased with the variety.

Even with the obvious problems, this version is a decent on-the-go way to play. It has a great sense of humor, especially with the pre-stage newspaper clippings. Of course, this is still Rampage, and fans will be happy to have this game with them in portable form. This is the best, and only, way to do that.


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Last updated: Friday, September 09, 2005 05:07 PM